Do more with JIRA Using
Spreadsheet-Like Tables

Add lists and spreadsheet-like tables to JIRA issues. This Atlassian verified add-on lets you track milestones, releases, quotes & offers, expenses, checklists and more. Manage information in JIRA or an external database.

David Nickell's rating of the Table Grid Editor on the Atlassian Marketplace
Outstanding. This is what has been missing from the JIRA data structure for ever. Now I can create an Issue or Enhancement and associate multiple milestones to it, multiple risks, multiple action items, etc -- without having to go through the hassle of creating subtasks. And the way the data is stored (in separate tables by field) makes it a breeze to use SQL to pull together information from multiple tickets. I also intend to use this as the basis to a "simple" CRM tool as well. Now I can have a JIRA issue type (Customer) with table Grids for their contacts, environments, and purchased software. This Table Grid plugin is truly the missing link. Thanks.

-- David Nickell

Manage any information right within your JIRA issues
-- without the hassle of subtasks --

Enjoy the power of spreadsheet-like tables, conveniently placed right within your JIRA issues. There are many ways that the Table Grid Editor can help keep your busines organized, on track and running smoothly.

Do more with JIRA using multifunctional tables

Enjoy the ability to organize your data into lists, and keep track of your data, just as you would with a spreadsheet. You can assign column types, use formulas, add or subtract totals and much more.

Your information can reside within JIRA or in an external database.

Follow up on sales opportunities

You'll be able to use the Table Grid Editor to track client or prospect quotes or offers, as well as all of the important information you need to track for each individual customer. You'll have the flexibility to track virtually anything you want in table format. If you're selling a product or service, you will have all the information about your prospects you need to move forward with the sale and help move the customer to fulfillment. See example.

Watch over project budgets and milestones

It's never been easier for you to watch over your projects and make sure that everything's on track. This helps you to ensure your teams work effectively and reach project deadlines in time. Identify and plug any drains in your resources, and of course, detect projects that may be delayed so you can take action and make sure everything is delivered in a timely manner. See example.

Add check-lists for compliance and more

Make it easy for your anyone in your team to follow process guidelines. You can easily attach different types of checklists to different types of issues. Ensure that your developers, testers and support staff are meeting the guidelines, or comply with any regulations that may apply. This keeps your team in check, and provide traceability in process compliance. See example.

Perform risk management & analysis

You can easily describe and manage risk, probability, and severity, and use this information to prioritize risks on the level of JIRA issues. Easily add measures you can take to curb probability or mitigate the possible damage of each risk. Having the Table Grid right within your JIRA issues will allow you to easily keep track of and manage these risks effectively. See example.

Don't see your use-case on this list?

Not to worry, as long as your data can be expressed using tables, your use case will likely be supported.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need help configuring the Table Grid Editor for your specific scenario.

Just mail us at

Sorin Sbarnea's rating of the Table Grid Editor on the Atlassian Marketplace
This is a great plug-in, and was exactly what we needed. Many useful features, such as tracking which user added/updated a row, calculations (such as sum or average) for all rows in the table, JQL function for searching, and many more. Also, Francis provided excellent support for any and all questions I had. I highly recommend.

-- Sorin Sbarnea


The Table Grid Editor is packed with useful features allowing you to easily manage any information right within your JIRA issues.

Customize columns

The Table Grid Editor allows you to create different types of columns, including: free text, textarea, lists, radio button, checkboxes, sequences, and more.

Pre-populate tables and lists

Your grids and lists can be easily initialized (pre-populated) from data queried from external databases. For example, when an issue is resolved, present a list of default tasks to be carried out. Or, create a check-list for a specific issue type.

Connect external databases

Connect the Table Grid Editor with external SQL databases by configuring external data sources. We support: SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres and Oracle.

Limit user choices to a fixed list of values

You can use a drop-down list to easily limit user choices to a set of fixed values. For example, if you are using the Table Grid Editor to manage product quotes, you could ensure that each line in the quote only refers to existing products.

Easily search grid content using JQL

In JIRA's advanced search, you can use the Table Grid Editor data in your JQL queries. For example, imagine you attach a checklist to JIRA issues. You could then easily use this feature to find all issues with open check items.

Spreadsheet-like formulas in table cells

You can enter simple formulas in the Table Grid Editor cells to calculate the content of the cell based on the values of other cells. You can use all basic arithmetic operations.

Countless uses in one easy-to-use add-on

Table Grid Editor's popularity comes from it's ability to allow JIRA to do so much more, as well as it's unbelievable ease of use. Any organization will find it's effortless to teach new employees how to effectively use this module. There are packages available for every size organization, and you're only going to have to pay a one-time fee to enjoy the power of the Table Grid Editor for life.


10 Users starter license$10
25 Users$300
50 Users$550
100 Users$1,000
500 Users$1,250
500+ Users enterprise license$2,000

License details

Lifetime license - 1 year maintenance

Licenses entitle users to perpetual use. The first 12 months of maintenance, which includes updates and support, are included at no charge.

Discounts for academic users

Qualified academic institutions receive a 50% discount on license price.

Free for non-profits and open source projects

Free licenses are available for qualified not-for-profit organizations and qualified open source projects.

Michael Baros' rating of the Table Grid Editor on the Atlassian Marketplace
Awesome ADD-ON!!! Great support, easy to configure and powerful to expose external and useful information in a tabular basis. We are using Table Grid Editor to project checklists, list of products and contacts from our customers and prospects. It was great to replace lots of sub-tasks to just one issue with a cool grid. CONGRATS for the great ADD-ON! ;D

-- Michael Baros

Professional Service by iDalko, Atlassian Platinum Expert

The Table Grid Editor is Atlassian-verified add-on. It was also picked by the the Atlassian staff (featured on "Atlassian Staff Picked Add-ons" and on the "Atlassian’s Marketplace Monday").

The company behind the Table Grid Editor is iDalko, an Atlassian Platinum Expert Partner. We are well known for our service, you can reach to us with any question you may have.

Christine Rolland's rating of the Table Grid Editor on the Atlassian Marketplace
This plugin is AWESOME!! Most of all, the support provided by the team is FANTASTIC. They are ssoooo quick to reply and they found solutions on all my requests. I highly recommend it.

-- Christine Rolland

All the uses of spreadsheets, easily accessible, right within your JIRA issues...

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