Customizations, installation and
upgrade services


Atlassian applications offer a potentially bewildering array of features and customization points. iDalko can customize your JIRA or Confluence environment to fit your needs. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in software delivery allows us to take capabilities to the next level for your organization.

Activities include:

  • JIRA Project customizations (work-flows, schemes, ...)
  • Integration of Jira with external systems (ie. for the purpose of invoicing).
  • Confluence theme customization using Adaptavist Theme Builder.
  • Setup of advanced templates for structured data entry using scaffolding plug-ins.

Installation services

You never get a second chance to introduce a new development environment to your development team. iDalko can help you set up Atlassian products the right way.

Activities include:

  • Application installation
  • Database configuration
  • Plug-in installation and configuration
  • Work-flow configuration
  • Server administration set-up and documentation
  • Backup and restore, set-up and validation.
  • User Management and integration into external directories
  • Security check (OS and Application level)
  • Documentation

Upgrade services

Atlassian releases new versions of their tools at a high rate. For a highly customized environment, such an upgrade might be daunting, as the upgrade process requires a step by step approach with many checkpoints.

A typical upgrade project includes:

  • Defining upgrade acceptance criteria.
  • Setting up a test environment
  • Performing an upgrade on the test environment
  • Running the acceptance criteria
  • Performing the upgrade on the production environment during office downtime
  • Running the acceptance criteria
  • Documenting the upgrade.

Please contact us for more information how this model can be applied for your software development, or for a demonstration of the setup.