Whether it's the assurance that you can pick up the phone and talk to someone that will own your problem, or just that extra bit of assistance during a crucial upgrade, our team is here to help.

We provide support for many of our customers since 2009. Our team bridges the gap between the support services as provided by Atlassian and the specific support requirements that you need behind your firewall and on your hosting infrastructure. We'll take the time to work with you to:

  • assess your current configuration
  • install a proactive monitoring system which closely watch the health of your infrastructure
  • react appropriately in the event of a problem according to predefined service level agreements
  • detail out a roadmap along which your infrastructure can evolve
  • implement and maintain this environment

With a range of packages, you're sure to find an offering that suits your requirements - whether you need a response within days or within hours.

Second level helpdesk services

Our helpdesk services provide technical response support to customers and end-users related to the services and products supplied by iDalko and Atlassian.

The second level helpdesk technicians are responsible for assisting your IT engineers to investigate elevated issues, confirm the validity of the problem and seek for known solutions related to these more complex issues.

Our service includes the management of incident and aims to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible and minimize the adverse effect on business operation.

Severity definitions

iDalko can handle the following levels of severity of incidents:

Level of Severity

Description of Severity

Severity A

Product application down or major malfunction resulting in majority of users unable to perform their normal functions

Severity B

Critical loss of application functionality or performance resulting in high number of users unable to perform their normal functions

Severity C

Moderate loss of application functionality or performance resulting in multiple user impacted in their normal functions

Severity D

Minor loss of application functionality or product feature question

Preconditions on the IDalko Second level helpdesk services.

The offered Service levels are applicable, provided that:

  • a remote connection to the production environment is available,
  • the iDalko engineers have administration rights on the production environment (application, database and operating system),
  • a technical point of contact person is assigned by the customer, who has the authority to make technical decisions on installation and configuration of the IDalko supported production environment.  This technical point of contact is available for consultation during interventions.

Service Level Agreements

iDalko proposes following Service Level Agreements.

Details Standard Premium
Availability of iDalko Support Services Business hours Extended Business hours

Guaranteed time of Response
The maximum time between when the incident is raised and when an iDalko support engineer starts to look at it.

Sev. A and B

4 hours

Sev. C and D

8 hours

Sev. A and B

2 hours

Sev. C and D

4 hours

Guaranteed time of Intervention
The maximum time between when the incident is raised and when an iDalko support engineer starts to resolve the problem

Sev. A and B

8 hours

Sev. C and D

16 hours

Sev. A and B

4 hours

Sev. C and D

8 hours

Frequent status updates during intervention
Given that the time of resolution is on a best effort basis, iDalko guarantees to provide a status update during the intervention.

Not available

Every 2 hours

  • Service Level Agreement compliancy reports can be consulted at any time on
  • Severity classification of an incident is at the discretion of the customer and is determined when the incident is formally logged.
  • Business hours are 5 days / week, from 9:00 until 17:00, Central European time, excluding public holidays
  • Extended Business hours are 7 days / week, from 7:00 until 19:00, Central European time, including weekends, excluding public holidays
  • Incidents can be raised and classified through web, email, or by phone (during the SLA service hours)
  • Guarantees will not apply if downtime or unavailability occurs during pre-announced maintenance windows.
  • The guaranteed time of response and intervention timing will be paused in case additional information or activities are requested from the technical contact person or from the issuer of the incident (such as getting access to the system) until this condition has been cleared.

Proactive Monitoring service

Our proactive monitoring service guards the performance of your Atlassian infrastructure and automatically raises events when certain thresholds are crossed.

  • Alerts generated by these systems will be processed under the terms of the existing service level agreements.

Infrastructure monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring is using nagios for watching following parameters

  • number of logged in users (OS Level)
  • global load of the machine
  • usage of swap
  • number of processes
  • availability of http/https service
  • free disk space (root, application data and application home directory)

Thresholds are defined based on our experience with this type of applications.

Installation of agent.

The monitoring of the infrastructure requires a specific agent to be installed on the production environment. Infrastructure monitoring is only possible if our monitoring server can access the application from the internet. This might require opening up an application port on the firewall.