JIRA Synchronization

Problem statement

JIRA synchronisation is possible and can be used for example to synchronise two instances of two different companies.

Assume two companies A and B. B is a software supplier for A. Both companies use JIRA for managing their operations, and want to keep it that way.

JIRA should be synchronized in such a way that:

  • issues escalated at site A, are transferred automatically to site B.
    We call the issues at site A and site B twins.
  • the status of both issues need to be orchestrated.
    For instance if the twin at site A is progressed to status resolved, the twin at site B should be moved to a resolution state.
  • some of the information should be synchronized but not all information.
  • there is no access to the underlying database.
  • the workflows at site A is completely different from the workflow at site B.

Solution applied

We implemented an email based one way synchronisation algorithm using 2 plugins: JEHM and Script Runner.

The main scenario runs as follows:

  1. A user transitions an issue to 'Escalated'
  2. A message with a specific format, containing all the required information is sent to site B.
  3. The message is received at site B, and a corresponding twin is automatically generated by JEMH A couple of additional fields at site B are set such as 'remote link' and 'remote assignee'. The remote link allows the user at site B to easily
  4. Site A is marked as 'Remoted' (using a custom field)
  5. Each time the issue at site A is modified, (or comments added), a new notification mail is sent to site B, which gets processed by site B.
  6. Once that an issue at site A is transitioned to a resolved state, the corresponding twin is automatically resolved at site B.

Please contact us for more information how this model can be applied for your software development, or for a demonstration of the setup.